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[05.05.03] Lviv: inscriptions
[05.05.03] Lviv: people
[05.05.03] Lviv: city views from the tower
[05.05.03] Lviv: city views
[05.05.03] Mateszalka, Hungary
  [07.04.03] Baia Mare: spring city views
[07.04.03] Baia Mare: April snow
[31.03.03] Iasi: unplugged
[23.03.03] Baia Mare: misty night
[20.03.03] Baia Mare illustrations
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Random photos
Russia: other villages, Tver' region :: Picture #1
Manhattan: Central Park area :: Picture #8
Pascani, Romania: railway-station :: The railway station in the town of Pascani

A monument of Stefan the Holy.The railway station.
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A sculpture near the railway station. Actually, in Hungary there are a lot of monuments and sculptures you can find on every step in any place, even in small towns.A locomotive monument.
Just a block and a fir-tree.Some kind of an institution, looks like a school to me.
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Tulips on a lawn and a monument.A monument. Looks like the same Stefan the Holy.
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Another monument, a bit further. A guy.A junction.A television tower.Flowers in front of some kind of an institution.
Baby shop.The interior of Mateszalka railway station.
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Another locomotive monument. This time in Zahony (a town in Hungary several kilometers away from Ukrainian border).Monument of Soviet soldiers in Zahony.
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