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[08.01.08] Pisa: the leaning tower and surroundings
[08.01.08] Italy: Tarquinia, the Etruscan Tarchnal
[08.01.08] Vatican: Saint Peter's square and cathedral
[08.01.08] Rome: Vittoriano, Colloseum, Trevi fountain
[07.01.08] Italy: region of Campagna, Naples and Ercolano
  [07.01.08] Italy: ruins of the ancient Pompei
[06.12.07] Amsterdam: December begins
[16.11.07] Berlin: Deutsche Welle International Weblog Awards
[11.11.07] Berlin: "Perkalaba" in Raw-tempel concert
[09.11.07] Finland: Helsinki and Suomenlinna
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Random photos
Germany: Erpel, Rhine vale :: Rhine, a barge and a castle on the hill. There are many castles in Germany. As one drives further, many of them can be seen all around.
Hamburg: Ukraine vs Italy game :: Picture #3
Kharkov: autumn in Korobov hutor :: Picture #25

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