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[14.05.03] Baia Mare: streets and nature
[05.05.03] Lviv: inscriptions
[05.05.03] Lviv: people
[05.05.03] Lviv: city views from the tower
[05.05.03] Lviv: city views
  [05.05.03] Mateszalka, Hungary
[07.04.03] Baia Mare: spring city views
[07.04.03] Baia Mare: April snow
[31.03.03] Iasi: unplugged
[23.03.03] Baia Mare: misty night
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Istanbul: panoramica :: Picture #7
Berlin: Grüne Woche-2012 :: Picture #12
Sardinia: isola Tavolara :: Picture #24

The railway station.
rating: excellent [3]
Shevchenko monument on the Liberty avenue in the center of the city.The monument of the Polish poet Mitzkevich, which is situated on the same street whith Shevchenko. Mitzkevich, by the way he looks like, has something in common with Pushkin.The Virgin Mary monument, near Mitzkevich.
The opera theatre and guys with hourses who make trips through the city center for tourists.A pedestrian part of the Shevchenko avenue.
rating: almost excellent [3]
Lvov national Franko university.
rating: excellent [3]
Franko monument in front of the university.
View on the ratusha tower from a hill nearby.One of the lions in front of the city council building (ratusha).This is how a slim butt of the same lion looks like.A shot made from under the roof of ratusha during the rain.
Neptun near ratusha on the Market square.Chernovol monument.Chernovol: another view.
rating: almost good [4]
McDonalds on the Shevchenko avenue.
A cafe of the coffee factory "Galka". A very cousy place, in which you can order such a delicios thing like ice-cream with the "Old Tallin" liquer.Looks like a Canadian consulate.Inside one of old courts. Infernal balconies.The tower of St. Andrei church and a tree branch. Before the rain.
The same tower and a fir-tree.Ivan Podkova monument. The inscription says that it was built in honour of the struggle of Ukrainian, Moldavian and Russian nations against the Turks. Some radical guys tried to strike out the "Russian" word with chalk.
rating: excellent [3]
The Valovaya street. The defence wall of the Lviv stronghold.An entrance with a grate.
Pavilion in the Striysky park.The defence wall, a dais of wood and a building under reparation.Television tower on the hill called the High castle.Pototsky palace.
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rating: almost excellent [3]
Street on which the Lviv conservatory is situated.Libery statue on a roof. They say, this one is the third in the world after French and American ones.Old synagog.
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Swan in the Striysky park.
rating: excellent [3]
Green bricks.
rating: not bad [3]
A fountain in the Striysky park. Someone joked: throats of swans with heads removed were painted red.Black stone building. An old house, monument of architecture.The Italian yard.
Church.Dominican cathedral.
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rating: excellent [6]
Neo-Gothic church on the Railway-station square.
rating: excellent [4]
Neo-Gothic church on the Railway-station square: entrance.
Picture #41The Boims chapel.Looks like one of the apostols.Picture #44
Picture #45Christ of the cross near an Armenian church.Picture #47Picture #48
Picture #49Picture #50Picture #51
rating: not bad [3]
It looks like these two monuments were made by the same sculptor :)
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