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[21.03.08] Ukraine: Korobov Hutor recreational area near Kharkov
[21.03.08] Kharkov: rainy days
[20.03.08] Kiev: city and Pirogovo open-air museum
[27.02.08] Berlin: Teufelsberg in February
[25.02.08] Berlin: Hanoi Rocks live in White Trash
  [17.02.08] Norway: Hemsedal ski-resort
[15.02.08] Norway: snowy Oslo
[22.01.08] Prague: the Prague castle (Prazsky hrad)
[21.01.08] Prague: Mala strana
[20.01.08] Prague: Old town square
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Random photos
Amsterdam: Dam, the central square :: Picture #13
Austria: perfect winter in Ötztal valley :: Picture #33
Kiev: street sketches :: Kontraktova square: a status of getman Sagaydachny. Behind the getman there is the new Orange revolution monument. I was very surprized to see it. That's the regular way: one installs a monument before bringing any major improvements to the life of the country. It simply wouldn't work without a monument. That's a kind of tradition already.

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