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[30.10.02] The Brasov area trip, 6-9 September 2002
[30.10.02] Pascani, Romania: railway-station
[30.10.02] My lovely Homeland, the city of Kharkov
[30.10.02] Iasi: Here you go, party animals!
[30.10.02] Various views of the city of Iasi
  [30.10.02] A trip to Bicaz, June 2002
[30.10.02] Several unclassified photos of my mug
[27.10.02] My friend Mike in Canada
[25.10.02] Several interesting shots
[12.10.02] Various views of my appartment
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Random photos
Germany: Frankfurt am Main :: Picture #9
Berlin: week-end shots :: More bubbles by a Hungarian girl named Eveline.
Rathen: views over the Elbe :: Picture #9

Palatul culturii (the palace of culture)Palatul culturii (the palace of culture)The view from my balconyThe "Hala Centrala" supermarket
rating: almost good [4]
A church near the "Moldova" hotelAn evening view on the str. Stefan cel MareA sunset view from my balconyAnother sunset view from my balcony
Podu de piatra (a bridge of stone)A building near the Stefan cel Mare street.The outside look of the block I used to live in between Sep 2001 and Sep 2002. Situated on the street called Splai Bahlui.A view on the hills from the intersection of Anastasie Panu and Sfantu Lazar streets.
The "Europa" hotel situated on the Anastasie Panu street.The view on hills from the intersection of Anastasie Panu and Sfantu Lazar streets.The "Europa" hotel situated on the Anastasie Panu street, another sight.View from my balcony, night, long exposure.
The view from the WebSci office entrance in the evening.Palatul Culturii in the night.A concrete mixer. In fact, a great addition to the betonomeshalka easy listening by the "Kuvalda" band.In front of the main building of UMF (Iasi medical university)
The monument dedicated to the unity of the Romanian lands.The mayor's office (Primaria)A monument in front of the medical university (UMF). Looks decent? See the next picture.A monument in front of the medical university (UMF). A closer look: we can see the guy slaping lady's butt.
An old street-lamp.A fountain, functioning when it was also raining.A rainy day, the day of Iasi. The metropolia church and an alley towards the national theatre.A very interesting building of a bank.
The Iasi holiday: a queue of people awaiting near a toilet.The bust of Eminescu's mistress from the park.A man having a rest in the streetSome gipsies
An entrance to the BRD bank buildingA piece of the Sfantu Lazar street in the nightA park in the Copou district: the night view
rating: almost excellent [3]
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