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[01.06.03] Maramures: nature
[26.05.03] Maramures: the region's nature
[14.05.03] Baia Mare: streets and nature
[05.05.03] Lviv: inscriptions
[05.05.03] Lviv: people
  [05.05.03] Lviv: city views from the tower
[05.05.03] Lviv: city views
[05.05.03] Mateszalka, Hungary
[07.04.03] Baia Mare: spring city views
[07.04.03] Baia Mare: April snow
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Bangkok: Wat Pho :: Picture #2
Kiev: some Dnepr and countryside :: Picture #6
Spain: Crocodile park in Torremolinos :: Picture #17

An old lady on a balcony in one of courts.
rating: excellent [6]
A young man is appeasing a girl who is upset.Lviv ladies are walking a dog in the Striysky park.Ladies who tried to advertise some mobile services to me. Instead, I made them a picture. The orange helmet is really cool.
Guys with a camera and a big microphone. No idea what they're doing.Photo session: a guy is taking photos of a lady with long legs on the stairs of an old building. The lady is holding near almost absent bust with her hands. She must be a model.A small citizen of Lviv. The street is the one where the conservatory is situated.Two pretty ladies from Lviv.
Old ladies with a video camera.
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