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[15.05.08] Berlin: warehouse on fire in Kreuzberg
[15.05.08] Luxor: Valley of the Kings and Hatshepsut temple
[15.05.08] Luxor: Memnon Colossi and Deir el-Madinah
[14.05.08] Egypt: Nile valley country-side
[14.05.08] Egypt: Luxor and the Nile river
  [13.05.08] Egypt: desert road, Red Sea mountains
[10.05.08] Egypt: Giftun island in the Red Sea
[10.05.08] Egypt: boating the Red Sea
[10.05.08] Egypt: sea-side town of Hurghada
[10.05.08] Germany: former Soviet base near Neuruppin
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Random photos
Kiev: Pirogovo open-air museum :: Cart under roof.
Bucharest: "La Scena" cafe :: Trying to make a picture of Lenochka.
Konst: new appartment, assembing a sofa :: Choosing right bolts.

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