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[10.06.03] Funny cars: part 1
[01.06.03] Maramures: nature
[26.05.03] Maramures: the region's nature
[14.05.03] Baia Mare: streets and nature
[05.05.03] Lviv: inscriptions
  [05.05.03] Lviv: people
[05.05.03] Lviv: city views from the tower
[05.05.03] Lviv: city views
[05.05.03] Mateszalka, Hungary
[07.04.03] Baia Mare: spring city views
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Berlin: Ukraine-Saudi Arabia at the Fan mile :: Tunisian fan and Ukrainian flags.
Rome: Vittoriano, Colloseum, Trevi fountain :: Picture #31
Florida: Tampa bay fishing :: Picture #7

The "Independence" hotel.Fences like tribune for expressing political views. The inscription here says: "Russians must die!"
rating: more than not bad [7]
Fences and walls in Lviv allow all kinds of people to express their opinions. Here we can see an opposite point of view which consists in the fact that the ultra-right from UNSO are homosexuals.
rating: excellent [3]
The famous street named in honour of the Ukrainian national hero Dzhohar Dudaev :) and yours sincerelly.
The Bandera street.A memorial plate on the place where a synagog was situated. It then was demolished by Nazis in 1942.
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