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[25.11.08] Egypt: Keserbaghanes village in Abu Tisht area
[20.11.08] Qena: Sheikh el-Qenawi mosque
[20.11.08] Egypt: non-touristic city of Qena
[18.11.08] Egypt: around Hurghada and Luxor
[25.10.08] Berlin: around the city in autumn
  [12.10.08] Berlin: autumn in Schwanenwerder
[10.10.08] Holland: Amsterdam and the Hague
[05.09.08] Kherson region, Ukraine: Askania Nova natural park
[04.09.08] Genichesk: Azov sea-side outside the town
[04.09.08] Azov sea: Genichesk town beach
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Random photos
Shots taken on trips to different locations :: Israel, the central park of the city of Rishon Lezion. January 2001
Istanbul: Hagia Sofia :: Picture #22
New York: Manhattan, part 2 :: Picture #30

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Picture #13Picture #14So schmeckt Berlin ("that is how Berlin tastes" in German). Near the Alexanderplatz subway station.
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