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[04.07.03] Iasi-Chisinau: street views
[04.07.03] Iasi-Chisinau: partying people
[24.06.03] Timisoara: the forgotten cable
[10.06.03] Baia Mare: summer walks
[10.06.03] Funny cars: part 1
  [01.06.03] Maramures: nature
[26.05.03] Maramures: the region's nature
[14.05.03] Baia Mare: streets and nature
[05.05.03] Lviv: inscriptions
[05.05.03] Lviv: people
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Random photos
Thailand: millitary Bangkok :: Picture #20
Egypt: Giftun island in the Red Sea :: Picture #7
Bucharest: the new "Carrefour" supermarket :: Media production.

.. good parking style.Sweet dreams..Sexual minorities ride "Dacia" cars too :)"Vin" in Romanian means two things: "wine" and "go". Choose yourself.
A red "Dacia". I cry when angels deserve to die..Taxi-3 movie?Deep in the bogs.."Vis" is translated as "dream".
For those of you who knows the Russian slang.Total melomania.Actually "fac" means "I do" in Romanian, but pronounced it sounds rather funny to speakers of English. Guess why.Vot.
Wireless technologies..Actually cum (coom) means "how" in Romanian, and absolutely not what you thought about ;)Not a very good car, as its number plate says.
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Ja-ja, mein herr..
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