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[22.08.09] Kharkov: Korobov Hutor nature
[22.08.09] Kharkov: rye field sisters
[22.08.09] Kharkov: June pics
[02.08.09] Florida: Tampa bay fishing
[02.08.09] Florida: Fort De Soto park and Shell key island
  [02.08.09] Florida: Clearwater beach
[21.07.09] New Jersey: random stuff
[21.07.09] New Jersey: the Garden state aerials
[20.07.09] Manhattan: City hall and Brooklyn bridge
[20.07.09] Manhattan: Central Park area
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Random photos
Austria: lake Neusiedl :: Picture #9
Qena: Sidi Abdel Rahim el-Qenawy mosque :: Picture #2
Ukraine: people and roads :: As I was visiting my father at his workshop, a neighbour of him came to borrow some paint. The famous Kharkov artist called Stepan Illarionovich Pismennyi introduced himself as grandpa Stepan. He was born in 1923, graduated in 1955. Despite of the age, he's a very dynamic old guy, full of life, speaking mostly of women.

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Picture #9
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