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[17.08.03] Kharkov: streets, buildings and stuff
[17.08.03] Vacation: the Baia Mare-Kharkov travel
[15.07.03] Baia Mare: monument and some horrors
[04.07.03] Iasi-Chisinau: street views
[04.07.03] Iasi-Chisinau: partying people
  [24.06.03] Timisoara: the forgotten cable
[10.06.03] Baia Mare: summer walks
[10.06.03] Funny cars: part 1
[01.06.03] Maramures: nature
[26.05.03] Maramures: the region's nature
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Random photos
Kiev: autumn in the city :: Picture #8
Sicily: historic city of Syracuse :: Picture #7
Kiev-Berlin flight: Skysages :: Picture #6

In Iasi a friend of mine feeded me with a very tasty soup.
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My first Romanian friends, Ovidiu and Oana, and yours sincerelly. The "Corso" caffee, Iasi.Great cocktail.Just real Romanians. My friends from Chisinau who live now in Canada, in traditional hats that I brought to them from the Romanian region called Maramuresh.
Camera-man.My colleague with his child.Chinese? Romanian?Svetlana is talking about her experiences. Dunno from what area though.
A good guy in a baseball hat with a sing of marijuana.Hat, beer and Natashka.
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Mihail.Mimicking Bruce Willis..
Mother with a daughter.Sergey, a man from a magazine cover.Demonstration of the wireless mouse comfort.Our traditional "Ialoveni" place with sherry.
The variety of ways to write the name of one guy.One more inscription "Hasdeu street".Finger into the camera.After sauna.
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