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[01.11.09] Brussels: downtown in July
[12.09.09] Sardinia: beaches on La Maddalena
[12.09.09] Sardinia: La Maddalena island
[05.09.09] Sardinia: La Pelosa beach in Stintino
[05.09.09] Sardinia: Sorso Marina beach
  [03.09.09] Sardinia: Osilo, Rifugio dell'Aquila
[03.09.09] Sardinia: rocky beach in Sos Aranzos
[03.09.09] Sardinia: isola Tavolara
[31.08.09] Sardinia: Giara di Gesturi plateau
[31.08.09] Sardinia: Nuraghe Su Nuraxi in Barumini
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Random photos
Romania: Bâlea lake and waterfall :: Picture #14
Kharkov: 350 anniv preparations :: One of my favourite place, the Kaskad. I remember it from the early childhood. Unfortunatelly, till then about 15 years it didn't function, being almost destroyed. However, a couple of days before the festivities it was reparied and the water started to flow there again.
Kiev-Berlin flight: Skysages :: Picture #15

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