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[17.08.03] Crimea: the city of Sevastopol
[17.08.03] Vacation: the Kharkov-Sevastopol move
[17.08.03] Kharkov: streets, buildings and stuff
[17.08.03] Vacation: the Baia Mare-Kharkov travel
[15.07.03] Baia Mare: monument and some horrors
  [04.07.03] Iasi-Chisinau: street views
[04.07.03] Iasi-Chisinau: partying people
[24.06.03] Timisoara: the forgotten cable
[10.06.03] Baia Mare: summer walks
[10.06.03] Funny cars: part 1
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Random photos
Kharkov: BBQ party :: Vine.
New York: Manhattan skyline at night :: Picture #4
Sziget-2010: Gwar band act :: Picture #29

A monument of a Romanian democratic revolutionary Avram Iancu, constructed several weeks ago.Front view on the monument.A view from the monument's right. Several kids came to touch satelite busts, so I had to take a picture with them too. The shot only became more alive.Back view.
Left view.Fence of the ore processing combine.Fence and the combine's stack.The combine entry.
One more element of the combine.Road near the combine. An industrial landscape.Combine administration and the stack.Living blocks near the combine. Weird district.
Yard of the 5-floor building.One more block without windows where people live.A living block with marks of fire.
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Cemetery near the combine.
Crosses and the stack.Some dudes having rest.
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