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[31.01.10] Paris: "Napoleon" hotel
[27.01.10] Paris: Notre Dame Cathedral
[25.01.10] Paris: views from Arc de Triomphe
[22.01.10] Paris: French capital in December
[22.01.10] Berlin: a few Christmas pics
  [14.01.10] Red sea: girls on the beach
[10.12.09] Abu Simbel: Ramses II temple
[10.12.09] Abu Simbel: lake Nasser and Nefertari temple
[09.12.09] Aswan: Nubians on Elephantine island
[09.12.09] Aswan: granite quarry, unfinished obelisk
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Random photos
Baia Mare: summer walks :: A very wild (salbatic) chestnut. The inscription says that its age is about 200 years. The photo is not very smooth, since my hands were trebmling a bit, as usual.
Greece: Athens, around the Greek capital :: Picture #23
Oetz, Austria: Pfarrkirche by night :: Picture #1

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