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[17.08.03] Crimea: Balaklava, port, ancient stronghold
[17.08.03] Crimea: Sevastopol, the ruins of Khersones
[17.08.03] Crimea: the city of Sevastopol
[17.08.03] Vacation: the Kharkov-Sevastopol move
[17.08.03] Kharkov: streets, buildings and stuff
  [17.08.03] Vacation: the Baia Mare-Kharkov travel
[15.07.03] Baia Mare: monument and some horrors
[04.07.03] Iasi-Chisinau: street views
[04.07.03] Iasi-Chisinau: partying people
[24.06.03] Timisoara: the forgotten cable
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Random photos
Spreewald: Lübbenau and Lehde :: Picture #8
Sighisoara: Medieval fortress :: Picture #25
Paris: French capital in December :: Picture #37

Thermometer near the "Sovetskaya" metro station. Along with "Steklyashka" (glassy, an exit from the "University" station), is kharkovites' favourite meeting place.
rating: almost good [7]
Sumskaya str.
rating: excellent [4]
Shevchenko monument being repaired.Shevchenko from behind.
Main alley of the Shevchenko gardens. A big football.Fountain and alley in Shevchenko gardens.Cascade.Flowers in front of the cascade.
The renovated "Crystal" cafe in Shevchenko gardens.
rating: excellent [3]
Fountain behind the Mirror stream.Constitution square and the monument called "the four carrying a refrigirator" by locals (or just "refrigirator").The right wing of the opera theatre.
A square in front of the opera theatre.Bank "Factorial", a building of glass and concrete, sticked somehow between two old blocks of the Opera side street.Shevchenko gardens, near the opera.The Mirror stream, a view from behind. Here you can see children swimming in the fountain. It was hot that day.
Carting place on the Liberty square. University is on the left, Lenin monument is in the center.Bridge going from the "Locomotiv" sports complex towards the city center.An old "Volga" car with the city council on background. Shot from the beginning of Korolenko street.
rating: excellent [4]
City council.
Puskinskaya str. reinnovated. In the winter they removed all the trees from it, and in the building where the central self-sevice store was nowdays there is the "Antoshka" childrens' supermarket.Regional taxes police building near the "Architector Beketov" metro. You can see several guys here dragging some cable.
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Pushkinskaya str.
rating: almost excellent [3]
The new restaurant named "Pushka" on Puskinskaya str. across the street from Skripnik monument.
Skripnik monument.Poetry square, Pushkin monument.The monument devoted to all who died fighting the crime. It's placed in the park near the police cultural center on Sovnarkomovskaya str.Lovers monument near "Architector Beketov" metro and "McDonald's". A new one.
Russian Federation consulate on Olminskogo str.
rating: almost excellent [31]
A small store.Entrance to the polytechnical university.
rating: almost excellent [5]
Alley and the study complex number 1.
rating: excellent [6]
Fence of the polytechnical university.
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Another entrance to the polytechnical university.The new building of the university of arts.Reporters on the street taking an interview with a guy. In front of the "ATN" (Kharkov news) office on Petrovskogo str.
One of the streets between Pushkinskaya and Sumskaya.Korolenko str.My home school number 30. Krasnoshkolnaya embankment.School number 30. The front view.
The side street where the "1000 small things" shop is situated. Dunno how it's called.
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The liberator soldier monument on 23th august str.Pioneers palace in Saltovka district. The strange construction is the observatory from which once we were watching the Hale-Bopp comet.Just tram ways.
rating: excellent [4]
Kharkov bridge.
rating: excellent [3]
Building with an arc on Krasnoshkolnaya embankment.
rating: excellent [3]
Rudnev monument on the sqare called the same way.
rating: good [3]
Shop of a very funny shoes-maker. It's called "At Illich" and very frequently is painted by its owner with various funny stuff and inscriptions, just like this one. It says "Gimme your shoes! For repair".
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rating: excellent [4]
Monument devoted to the 12th anniversary of the independence of Ukraine. There are a little girl in the bottom and a hawk in the top of it.The girl symbolizing Ukraine.An upside view.
rating: almost excellent [5]
That's how the monument looks from behind. For some reason it looks like the 3rd raich..
The independence monument and flowers.Flowers and the general view of the monument.Blocks along the Gagarina avenue, near Odesskaya str.Zernovaya str, one of blocks.
In this yard on Zernovaya str. I spent my childhood. This place was the whole word for me formerly.
rating: excellent [5]
Funny installation on the wall of the "Irish pub" place on Petrovskogo str. The inscription says "I don't drink" :)
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Irish pub: interior look.The bar counter of the "Irish pub".
A great surprise. Among various beer emblems collection of which was glued to the wall in "Irish pub" I found Romanian "Ursus".Apples at my friend's village house in the Kharkov area.
rating: excellent [3]
Grass after rain.Flowers.
Elements of the interior of the place called "Koniki" (small horses) on Sumskaya street. There under the ceiling you can see a lot of various stuff, like pitchforks, irons and rakes. The wheel is rotating and the stuff is moving up and down. Nice."Koniki": inside look.The greatest element: a winged axe.Looks like one moment and it'll fly.
Axe.Kind inscriptions in Kharkov buses. This one asks passagers to eat sunflower seeds among with rinds.
rating: excellent [4]
Another kind inscription. "There are no HERE and THERE stops on the route".
rating: more than good [8]
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