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[09.07.10] Thailand: Nakhon si Thammarat
[09.07.10] Thailand: Khanom and surroundings
[09.07.10] Thailand: Hat Nai Phlao beach
[08.07.10] Thailand: Hat Ban Krut
[07.07.10] Thailand: Phraya Nakhon cave in Sam Roi Yot
  [07.07.10] Thailand: Khao Sam Roi Yot national park
[13.06.10] Thailand: Hua Hin
[13.06.10] Bangkok: Wat Pho
[11.06.10] Bangkok: Wat Arun
[18.05.10] Bangkok: at night
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Egypt: Luxor and the Nile river :: Picture #13
Rotterdam: Erasmus bridge, Rhine :: Erasmus bridge is the third biggest cable bridge in the world and one of the most important landmarks of Rotterdam. Officially it was opened by Beatrix, the queen of the Netherlands, in 1996. After that it was reconstructed due to some construction mistakes found.
Thailand: millitary Bangkok :: Picture #2

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