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[22.09.03] Bucharest: zoo
[17.09.03] Bucharest: downtown in the night
[13.09.03] Bucharest: rainy days
[09.09.03] Bucharest: album number one
[29.08.03] Baia Mare: good-bye pictures
  [25.08.03] Oradea: city, Baile Felix, 1 Mai
[17.08.03] Crimea: Balaklava, submarine docks
[17.08.03] Crimea: nature, beaches and the sea
[17.08.03] Crimea: Balaklava, port, ancient stronghold
[17.08.03] Crimea: Sevastopol, the ruins of Khersones
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Random photos
Berlin: German-Russian Museum Karlshorst :: "Destroy Stalin's bandits" and "that's why Germany is going to win".
Berlin: random summer stuff :: An installation outside the city, where we went to play paintball once.
Prague: Old town square :: Picture #20

Bridge on the Sasar river. Typical mountains river.Junction near the "Dunarea" restaurant.Two new "Dacia Solenza" cars with subsequent numbers.
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Monuments of the Voda duke brothers, Dragos and Bogdan.
Entrance into the place called "Tom West". Here we started celebrating my leave.Cocktail man. One of my colleagues.Club "M", dance floor.
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