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[28.09.03] Bucharest: the Youth's (Tineretului) park
[22.09.03] Bucharest: zoo
[17.09.03] Bucharest: downtown in the night
[13.09.03] Bucharest: rainy days
[09.09.03] Bucharest: album number one
  [29.08.03] Baia Mare: good-bye pictures
[25.08.03] Oradea: city, Baile Felix, 1 Mai
[17.08.03] Crimea: Balaklava, submarine docks
[17.08.03] Crimea: nature, beaches and the sea
[17.08.03] Crimea: Balaklava, port, ancient stronghold
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Random photos
Baia Mare illustrations :: From my balcony too, this time a gas station.
Referendum: posters and agitation :: The Victory square (piata Victoriei), the government house with two big banners on its both sides. They say "Yes to the Constitiution, Yes to Europe".
Istanbul: Turkuazoo aquarium :: Picture #10

This shot was taken during my travel by train from Baia Mare to Bucharest. Such inscriptions you can see in all the trains of Romanian railways. Text in the center says the following: "using of WC while staying in stations is forbidden". Now read attentively the English variant. Amazing :)Pushkin street in Bucharest.Fountain in Herestrau park.Herestrau park. Fountains.
Stuffed turkey :) of bronze. Herestrau.Laying lady. A statue.Flower-bed a-la Persian carpet.Alley in the park.
Herestrau lake.Herestrau lake.Seats on the excursion motor boat.Seats on the boat.
Herestrau lake: view from the excursion boat.Herestrau lake: view from the excursion boat.Herestrau lake: view from the excursion boat. A press building behind the park.Trace the boat was leaving on the water.
A small island in the lake.Lake-side and a building.Press building behind the park.Some berth.
Boat on the water, and a lot of inflatable balls.Trace on the water.Herestrau lake.A statue.
A very interesting view which I saw on the street by chance. Militari district of Bucharest. A man with a news-paper on a balcony of an unfinished structure.Serious tech check. Militari district too.Bus stop named after the Ventilator.Park near the circus. A small lake with lotuses.
Lotus.A shop.Old house on Lascar Catargiu str.BRD bank building on piata Victoriei (Victory square).
rating: excellent [3]
Status of the she-wolf who raised the brothers-finders of Rome. Lascar Catargiu str.
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Church situated between two living blocks. N. Balcescu str, near the "Intercontinental" hotel.Fountain, 21st December 1989 square.Statue of the writer (?) Babulescu.
Status of the guy whose name was Mihaiu Voivodu.
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The heart of Bucharest - piata Unirii (the Unity square). A big fountain.Park on piata Unirii.The fountain and buildings around the square.
Casa Poporului (People's hose). Now it's called the Parliament palace. Second biggest building in the world after the Pentagon.
rating: more than not bad [3]
Street going to Casa Poporului.Bucharest is split up into sectors. Every sector has its own mayor's office. On the photo there is the office of the mayor of the 1st sector.Special device ;) is demolishing an old building near the BRD sky-scraper.
The Victory square (piata Victoriei).Picture #46
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The Victory square: exit from subway and a building of the "Orange" mobile communications operator (to the right).Automobile passage under the Victory square.
Statue of Contacuzino. I don't really know who's that.Budiling on one of small streets in the center.Statue going to meet an office building.View from my balcony: it's possible to see the great People's house, despite it's rather far away.
rating: excellent [3]
View from the balcony: the "Intercontinental" hotel and other interesting things."Coltea" hospital.
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Exit from the "Obor" subway station: a fountain and a living block.
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