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[29.01.12] Kharkov and surroundings: autumn
[24.01.12] Kharkov: autumn in Korobov hutor
[24.01.12] Kharkov: autumn at Ocheretyansky lakes
[24.01.12] Czech Republic: way from Vienna to Berlin
[23.01.12] Mixnitz, Austria: waterfalls of Bärenschützklamm
  [23.01.12] Austria: Bärenschützklamm canyon in Mixnitz
[23.01.12] Austria: Danube views from Dürnstein castle
[23.01.12] Austria: Dürnstein village in Wachau
[23.01.12] Austria: lake Neusiedl
[23.01.12] New York City: Manhattan, Central park and people
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Random photos
Berlin: Krambambulya concert in Kato :: Picture #2
Thailand: Krabi town market :: Boy who sells fried grashoppers and larvas. When selling such stuff, they usually splash it with a salted soya sauce, so that the insects have a kind of taste.
Geneva: people :: Sunbathers.

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