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[17.10.03] Referendum: posters and agitation
[05.10.03] Bucharest: autumn days
[29.09.03] Bucharest: the new "Carrefour" supermarket
[28.09.03] Bucharest: the Youth's (Tineretului) park
[22.09.03] Bucharest: zoo
  [17.09.03] Bucharest: downtown in the night
[13.09.03] Bucharest: rainy days
[09.09.03] Bucharest: album number one
[29.08.03] Baia Mare: good-bye pictures
[25.08.03] Oradea: city, Baile Felix, 1 Mai
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Random photos
Austria: Sölden in March :: Picture #12
Czech Republic: Krkonose mountains in Spindleruv Mlyn :: Picture #4
Thailand: Bangkok markets, Patpong and Damnoen Saduak :: A 7-eleven shop at Patpong market.

Main entrance to Bucharest zoo.A walk near cages.Alley going straight from the entrance.Administration building.
Baboon.A guy is giving a banana to the chimpanzee.
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Chimpanzee with a banana is going upstairs.I think is monkey is called hamadryad. He's got an interesting face, and also posed better than the others.
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Let me out, bitch!
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Condor.Raven.Some kind of a hawk or eagle.
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Pelicans.Two pelicans on the bank.A curly pelican (that's how the specie is called), behind the fence where it's written "no transpassing".
Red flamingo.A white ostrich.A gray ostrich.A communicative ostrich. It's going towards me for a talk.
Ostrich behind the fence.Girl feeding an ostrich.Parrot.A parrot smiling from behind the fence.
Terrarium: a snake behind the glass.Lizard.A courious iguana.Two iguanas.
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Deer.Deers eating grass.Deers.Some hoofed guy.
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A bear and a cat.Lion.She-lion turned away from the camera.
Tiger. The place where I felt happy about the fence.Tiger entering water.Two tigers.White wolf.
Wolf having a rest.
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