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[19.10.03] Bucharest: autumn
[18.10.03] Funny cars: part 2
[17.10.03] Referendum: posters and agitation
[05.10.03] Bucharest: autumn days
[29.09.03] Bucharest: the new "Carrefour" supermarket
  [28.09.03] Bucharest: the Youth's (Tineretului) park
[22.09.03] Bucharest: zoo
[17.09.03] Bucharest: downtown in the night
[13.09.03] Bucharest: rainy days
[09.09.03] Bucharest: album number one
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Random photos
Funny cars: part 2 :: A red car.
Thailand: millitary Bangkok :: Picture #22
Havana: avenida de Maceo, malecon :: Picture #9

Entrance to the supermarket inside the building.Signboard and parking outside.Hair-driers.Way between the shelves.
Bicycle. To buy or not to buy?Dummy on a gym.Dummy coaching himself.Stand with Crustaceas in the seafood section.
This shrimp! I want this one!A big cat-fish and other decorations of the section.Sea-shells. Eatable.Squids and octopuses.
Red fish.Cat-fishes and pieces of red fish.Cat-fishes from Norway.Shop-fishing.
Fish.Alive crayfish and a price.Crucians.Fish.
Caviar.Fishes in an aquarium.Nostalgy.Onion.
Exotic fruits.Citruses.Refrigirators.Vodka "Finlandia".
Coffee.Just another interior view.Device for listening CDs.
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