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[15.04.13] Barcelona: views from Park Güell
[15.04.13] Spain: Barcelona in October
[11.03.13] Crimea: autumn by the water
[11.03.13] Crimea: autumn in the mountains
[06.03.13] Odessa region: sunflowers
  [02.03.13] Odessa: waterfront
[02.03.13] Odessa: sea-side city and its people
[18.11.12] Kiev: Trukhanov island and the Dnieper
[18.11.12] Kiev: summer shots
[13.11.12] Kherson region: Nova Kakhovka
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Random photos
Berlin: random summer stuff :: Just like I did in Bucharest, here in Berlin I couldn't stand the temptation to take shots with the view from my window. In fact, it can be very different in various weather conditions, illumination and such. Especially that there is an interesting view, including the GDR TV tower on Alexanderplatz.
Zillertal: slopes of Horbergbahn :: Picture #19
Bucharest: various shots :: Ciuvica strikes back. "Intra in actiune" is usually said about Superman or Batman.

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