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[10.11.03] Sinaia: the town
[19.10.03] Bucharest: autumn
[18.10.03] Funny cars: part 2
[17.10.03] Referendum: posters and agitation
[05.10.03] Bucharest: autumn days
  [29.09.03] Bucharest: the new "Carrefour" supermarket
[28.09.03] Bucharest: the Youth's (Tineretului) park
[22.09.03] Bucharest: zoo
[17.09.03] Bucharest: downtown in the night
[13.09.03] Bucharest: rainy days
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Random photos
Kharkov region: waterside :: Picture #1
Kharkov: artistic studios :: Makov P.K.
Crimea: Alupka :: Picture #22

Dambovita river embankment near the Unity square (piata Unirii).Junction near piata Unirii.A yellow tree and a yellow taxi near the university.Travel agency with absolutely great knowledge of geography. Like, with us you can go to Hunrary, France, Dubai.. to Russia and New York, to Finland and Stockholm. Looks like they don't know the difference. Dubai is a city in the Emirates, not a country at all.
This one says: "Romanian-Russian business-center".Titulescu str, opposite to the block I live in.A wall of the Northern railway-station of Bucharest. You can find this here, too.Triumphal arch build in the name of the victory in the World War I.
Triumphal arch.View from under the arch. What can be seen here is a list of the localities where actions took place.The second part of the list.Passages under the arch.
Vault.Arch.The war start and end dates.
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Pavel Kiseleff road. Central area of Bucharest, where you can find several parks and really neat houses.
Children's works exposition.Bust of one of my favourite poets - Omar Khayam, which was presented to Bucharest by the Iranian embassy.
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