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[10.11.03] Carpathians: highlands
[10.11.03] Sinaia: the Peles castle
[10.11.03] Sinaia: the town
[19.10.03] Bucharest: autumn
[18.10.03] Funny cars: part 2
  [17.10.03] Referendum: posters and agitation
[05.10.03] Bucharest: autumn days
[29.09.03] Bucharest: the new "Carrefour" supermarket
[28.09.03] Bucharest: the Youth's (Tineretului) park
[22.09.03] Bucharest: zoo
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Random photos
Chisinau: funny stuff :: "To get.. f**.. embarrassed forever", an advert on a wall of one of the builiding in the center of Chisinau
Thailand: Phuket and Similan islands :: Phuket island, beach in Patong after rain.
Czech Republic: downtown Prague :: Picture #21

Sucks.Joi means Thursday in Romanian.Why English word?Yet. Yep.
A Ku Klux Klan member from Cluj, Romania.Big f*cking gun.Users of the MicroSoft products.These users are more specific. They use only NT.
Well, neither it looks like something else..See you.Guten Tag.Rai means Heaven in Romanian.
BBC UK.There are no other answers..Short Message Service.Meet Joe, a famous editor program for UNIX.
A red car.The name of the game.For Russian viewers only ;)
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