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[24.02.15] Italy: Sicilian city of Catania
[22.02.15] Italy: Ercolano and Vesuvius
[20.02.15] Italy: Naples and Capri island
[20.02.15] Italy: Bari in Apulia region
[15.02.15] Istanbul: autumn compilation
  [15.02.15] Kiev: autumn aerials
[15.02.15] Kiev: autumn compilation
[12.01.15] Greece: motor-boating around Meganisi
[12.01.15] Greece: Lefkada mountains
[12.01.15] Greece: Lefkada island beaches
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Random photos
Bucharest: autumn days :: Dambovita river embankment near the Unity square (piata Unirii).
Barcelona: La Boqueria market :: Fish.
Galati: city views :: So-called free zone. It's a district of the city being actively supported by the local authorities. This means the real estate is cheap, and also if you start a company with a residence there, they give you some tax discounts. Having in mind the current shape of the district, no wonder such measures are taken.

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