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[09.09.15] Israel: ancient city of Jerusalem
[10.07.15] Dominican Republic: island nature
[10.07.15] Dominican Republic: people
[10.07.15] Dominican Republic: around village of Cabarete
[07.04.15] Kiev: Mezhigorye, former president's estate
  [05.04.15] Kiev: post-revolutionary Maidan
[16.03.15] Dominican Republic: Santo Domingo the capital city
[24.02.15] Sicily: historic city of Syracuse
[24.02.15] Italy: Sicilian city of Catania
[22.02.15] Italy: Ercolano and Vesuvius
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Random photos
Bucharest: walk on 29/02 :: Flags in front of Cercul militar national.
My lovely Homeland, the city of Kharkov :: Another birthday of mine. Discussing the BBQ cooking with friends near my village house.
Lviv: inscriptions :: Fences and walls in Lviv allow all kinds of people to express their opinions. Here we can see an opposite point of view which consists in the fact that the ultra-right from UNSO are homosexuals.

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