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[15.01.04] NY-2004: travel to Kharkov
[13.12.03] Bucharest: unplugged
[20.11.03] Kharkov: my city late in the autumn
[20.11.03] Travel shots: Reni, Odessa, Galati
[10.11.03] Carpathians: highlands
  [10.11.03] Sinaia: the Peles castle
[10.11.03] Sinaia: the town
[19.10.03] Bucharest: autumn
[18.10.03] Funny cars: part 2
[17.10.03] Referendum: posters and agitation
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Random photos
Kharkov: city views :: "Saturn" store in Saltovka.
Manhattan: Union square people :: Picture #8
Bucharest: zoo :: Parrot.

Prospective on Sinaia through the glass of the elevator cabin.
rating: excellent [4]
1400 height. The first stop of the elevator.Dog-1400.Konst as the all pets' friend.
rating: more than good [3]
Snow on the peaks.
rating: excellent [4]
Hotel on the 1400 meters height.Dogs warming theirselves under the sunlight on the roof of some restaurant's subsidary plot.Firs, mountains.
rating: excellent [3]
Mountain pigs. Restaurant's subsidary plot.
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A view.Firs and peaks.In this direction there is one of the highest peaks of the Carpathians called Omu.
Firs, mountains.View from above onto Poiana Tapului (goat's meadow), a small town situated near Sinaia.The snow-covered place is called Poiana stanii (rock meadow).A view through fir-trees onto the peaks.
Peaks covered with snow.Firs.In the center of this picture there is Peles, the regal castle. It's seen quite well even from such a height.
rating: excellent [6]
Hotel-1400 and Sinaia below.
2000 meters height. That's where Antarctic begins.Snowy landscape. While downstairs there were trees with yellow autumn leaves, in that place there was snow, wind and cold.Snowy landscape.Rare plants reservation. The trees are called jepi in Romanian. Kinda small mountain firs.
Way through jepi made by snowmobiles.Jepi.Cross on the mountain Caraiman. It's shining in the night.
rating: excellent [3]
Snow and mountains.
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Here we arrived to the place called Babele (old women). Here it's possible to find big stones of strange form which are said to appear naturally, even though they look like man-made.
rating: excellent [3]
A look from Babele downstairs.The stone called Babele.
rating: excellent [4]
This is Sphynx half-face. On the right it's possible to see his face.
rating: almost excellent [3]
A look from Babele down to the mountains.Old women and a girl behind them.
rating: almost excellent [4]
Cabin that had just came from Busteni. We went 10 km walking to it from the cabin of Sinaia. Horray, we're going down!Busteni, a town placed in the valley in the shadow of two high mountains. It was very cold there, and also fogy.
rating: excellent [3]
Cross on Caraiman, how it looked like from Busteni.
rating: good [5]
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