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[15.01.04] NY-2004: city of Kharkov
[15.01.04] NY-2004: travel to Kharkov
[13.12.03] Bucharest: unplugged
[20.11.03] Kharkov: my city late in the autumn
[20.11.03] Travel shots: Reni, Odessa, Galati
  [10.11.03] Carpathians: highlands
[10.11.03] Sinaia: the Peles castle
[10.11.03] Sinaia: the town
[19.10.03] Bucharest: autumn
[18.10.03] Funny cars: part 2
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Random photos
Rotterdam: Euromast tower :: Barge on the Rhine.
Kiev: one-day run for a visa :: Romanian embassy in Kiev.
Berlin: "Perkalaba" in Raw-tempel concert :: Picture #2

Special economic zone "Reni".
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rating: more than good [10]
The inscription on this wall says: "Reni - the city of big hopes"
rating: almost good [8]
Reni - the city of big holes, erm, hopes.
rating: more than not bad [3]
Crane in the port of Reni.
rating: almost not bad [3]
Entrance to the port in Reni.
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Sea port in Reni.
rating: almost excellent [4]
Lake on the way from Rani to Izmail.
rating: almost excellent [3]
Sarata, Odessa area.
rating: good [14]
A piece of Moldova of several kilometers length, situated between Ukraine and Romania. On the banner there is a description of some oil terminal project.
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Turning to Giurgiulesti, Moldova.
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Danube, state border area.Danube.
Port in Odessa. Dark rainy evening.Galati. A funny installation, the lamp broke the most of it though. The point is that on the postament there is a dog too - the she-wolf, who brought up Romul and Rem. In front of the dog that is seen well here, there are benches that look just like bones :)
rating: more than not bad [3]
Galati. Lights in front of the dramatic theatre.Dramatic theathre of Galati.
rating: excellent [4]
Galati. Park with stairs going down to the road toward railway-station. Street-lights.
rating: almost not bad [5]
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