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[03.03.04] Bucharest: walk on 29/02
[20.01.04] Bucharest: spring in January
[16.01.04] NY-2004: snow-covered nature
[15.01.04] NY-2004: city of Kharkov
[15.01.04] NY-2004: travel to Kharkov
  [13.12.03] Bucharest: unplugged
[20.11.03] Kharkov: my city late in the autumn
[20.11.03] Travel shots: Reni, Odessa, Galati
[10.11.03] Carpathians: highlands
[10.11.03] Sinaia: the Peles castle
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Random photos
Crimea: Vorontsovsky palace in Alupka :: Picture #8
Iasi: frozen Ciric lake :: Picture #6
Rome: the Italian capital :: Picture #29

About travellers.New railway-station in Suceava (Romania).Street-lamps in front of the renewed building of railway-station in Suceava.Square next to the railway-station in Suceava.
rating: more than good [4]
Open country in the East of Romania.Asphalted road.
Not asphalted road among the fields.
rating: more than good [3]
Romanian country road.Frozen field.
rating: good [3]
New Year tree in "Viper" club in Iasi.
rating: almost good [3]
Konst and Gustavo, the man who can speak 19 languages, according to "Ziarul de Iasi" news-paper.Billiards: Konst.Billiards: Gustavo.Something about Romanian women.
rating: excellent [5]
Konst's real face. That's what everyone says about this photo.
rating: excellent [3]
Glasses temporary gave Konst appearance of a clever guy.Party.Discussion.
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Railway-station in Kiev. A guy that brings beer to a store invented a number plate for his cart. You can even see a web address on it.Cart and a train towards Romania.
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