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[23.03.04] Bucharest: picnic in Baneasa forest
[15.03.04] Bucharest: Ghencea cemetery
[03.03.04] Bucharest: walk on 29/02
[20.01.04] Bucharest: spring in January
[16.01.04] NY-2004: snow-covered nature
  [15.01.04] NY-2004: city of Kharkov
[15.01.04] NY-2004: travel to Kharkov
[13.12.03] Bucharest: unplugged
[20.11.03] Kharkov: my city late in the autumn
[20.11.03] Travel shots: Reni, Odessa, Galati
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Random photos
Kiev: night shots and panoramas :: Picture #7
DR: Sabaneta and La Boca :: Picture #10
Prague: the Prague castle (Prazsky hrad) :: Picture #29

Statue of Michurin on the entrance to the gardeners community on Pavlovo Pole. We have a garden there, so when we went there this winter I took some shots.Vine on someone's fence.Fence.Bench on the main alley of the community.
Way between gardens and a gardener walking along.A piece of Lesopark coming close to the gardens. Snow-covered flora.Forest pathwalk.Way in the forest.
A Soviet-times banner. "Making their gardens perfect is a point of honour of every gardener in the community!"Snow and fresh traces of a dog on it.Way between gardens.A really winter sort of apples.
Hips.Hips under the snow.Dog-rose fruits.Gardens in the winter.
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