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[30.10.02] Various views of the city of Iasi
[30.10.02] A trip to Bicaz, June 2002
[30.10.02] Several unclassified photos of my mug
[27.10.02] My friend Mike in Canada
[25.10.02] Several interesting shots
  [12.10.02] Various views of my appartment
[03.07.02] Chisinau, Moldova, 29-30 June 2002
[08.06.02] Chisinau, Moldova, November 2001
[08.06.02] Chisinau: funny stuff
[16.05.01] Shots taken on trips to different locations
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Random photos
Los Angeles: downtown by night :: Picture #10
Istanbul: Topkapi palace :: Picture #8
Chisinau: funny stuff :: "To get.. f**.. embarrassed forever", an advert on a wall of one of the builiding in the center of Chisinau

An eventually met birthday in a sauna, the lady in the center was the celebrated one, and Gustavo is drinking for her healthThe party continuesKonst and Degtyarev's daughter Dasha
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The warm comany: Konst, Misha and Gustavo
A monument of the dog that fed and grown the founders of RomeTo get.. f**.. embarassed forever. An advert on a wall of one of the buildings in the center of ChisinauA sauna from inside
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The Turk restaurant in the Moldavian capital
A small vermouth-party
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