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[25.06.04] Funny cars: part 3
[14.06.04] Bucharest: various shots
[10.06.04] Kiev: Dnepr embankment
[19.05.04] Tver, Russia: a village in the area
[18.05.04] Tver, Russia: the city
  [17.05.04] Kiev: one-day run for a visa
[17.05.04] Poltava: city and a village near it
[17.05.04] Kharkov: spring shots
[17.05.04] Iasi: April 2004
[17.04.04] Bucharest: Baneasa forest-2
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Random photos
New York: Brooklyn, college, bridge, etc :: Picture #22
Frankfurt am Main: Russian BBQ party :: Picture #19
Czech Republic: Křivoklát castle :: Picture #12

Railway-station.Exit from the railway-station building.
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Street with a tree, ad and a cloud.Intersection.
The Volga river.The Great Russian river, how it looks like in Tver.A cafe on the water.Bridges on Volga.
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Buses toward suburbs leave from here.Technical university.An amazingly stupid elections ad. It starts with the words "The President needs.. Because (he is) Tseberganov!". Then there are quotes from some federal law that describes the position occupied by this comrade. All mentionings of "President of the Russian Federation" are bold. In the bottom there are the same "because Tseberganov". I wonder what kind of fools is this ad made for?Choose your future: place, date, time..
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