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[28.06.04] Vama Veche: the village
[25.06.04] Funny cars: part 3
[14.06.04] Bucharest: various shots
[10.06.04] Kiev: Dnepr embankment
[19.05.04] Tver, Russia: a village in the area
  [18.05.04] Tver, Russia: the city
[17.05.04] Kiev: one-day run for a visa
[17.05.04] Poltava: city and a village near it
[17.05.04] Kharkov: spring shots
[17.05.04] Iasi: April 2004
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Random photos
Kiev: Pirogovo again :: Picture #14
Kharkov: river-side and hospital 19 :: Picture #1
Germany: New Year in Munich and Berlin :: Picture #17

Old nearly destroyed church in the village of Bele-Kushali.
rating: not bad [4]
Bell tower.Quite typical houses for the region.One more house.
The village: high road, houses and a church.Water stream.Water.One more variation.
Chicken.Desolated church.
rating: more than good [3]
Birds.Pathwalk and birch-trees.
Birch-trees in the spring.
rating: more than good [3]
Way to the forest.Puddles in the field.Insects.
Forest.Fir-trees.Mushrooms. Probably morel.A lake in the forest.
Reflection.Pines.Reflection of clouds in the lake. Its water is of brown color because of the peat.Lake.
Hummocks and water flowing between them.A ditch of an interesting color.Stairs in the desolated church.Inside wall.
Entrance to the church.Neighbour old women of 91 years old.The neighbour.A cap with ear-flaps on the fence. Very charismatic it looks.
A cat and a kitten.Kitten.Cats.The cap.
Various household constructions.
rating: more than good [4]
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