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[28.06.04] Vama Veche: the Black Sea
[28.06.04] Vama Veche: the village
[25.06.04] Funny cars: part 3
[14.06.04] Bucharest: various shots
[10.06.04] Kiev: Dnepr embankment
  [19.05.04] Tver, Russia: a village in the area
[18.05.04] Tver, Russia: the city
[17.05.04] Kiev: one-day run for a visa
[17.05.04] Poltava: city and a village near it
[17.05.04] Kharkov: spring shots
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Random photos
New York: the Met, medieval armors :: Picture #10
Crimea: Phoros :: Picture #22
Chisinau, Moldova, November 2001 :: Konst and Degtyarev's daughter Dasha

Panorama of Dnepr. This is a view from one of my favourite places in Kiev, the Friendship of the Nations park.
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The Friendship of the Nations monument.Rainbow.Rainbow and the monument.
Dnepr, one of its sides.Inscriptions on the parapet in the Frienship park.One of the bridges over Dnepr.Bridge.
Pigeons in the park.Birdy.Landing."I love" must be an obscene word, since it's dotted here.
Park.The Friendship.Dnepr.Parapet, Dnepr and a bridge.
Europe square.An erection on the Europe square.Fountain and children taking bath in it.A modern living block.
An example of how personal names are implicitely translated into Ukrainian. Which is wrong.The same stuff about the name of another artist.Old ladies on a ship.Ships.
Marshal Koshevoy.Water bus.Manoeuvres.Pirate.
Pirates at the entrance to some place.One more external ad. This guy is cooking a goose.
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