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[30.07.04] Galati: city views
[06.07.04] Bucharest: some architecture
[28.06.04] Vama Veche: the Black Sea
[28.06.04] Vama Veche: the village
[25.06.04] Funny cars: part 3
  [14.06.04] Bucharest: various shots
[10.06.04] Kiev: Dnepr embankment
[19.05.04] Tver, Russia: a village in the area
[18.05.04] Tver, Russia: the city
[17.05.04] Kiev: one-day run for a visa
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Random photos
Sölden, Austria: snowy New Year :: Picture #20
Kiev-Berlin flight: Skysages :: Picture #15
Kharkov: streets, buildings and stuff :: Elements of the interior of the place called "Koniki" (small horses) on Sumskaya street. There under the ceiling you can see a lot of various stuff, like pitchforks, irons and rakes. The wheel is rotating and the stuff is moving up and down. Nice.

Funny if you know Russian.Ass.WWW.Funny in Russian.
Mom."Ded" means grandpa in Russian.Era - was (used to be) in Romanian.Axa is axis in Romanian. Axa raului - axis of evil :)
This one is translated as "Russian".Son of the Bush?Ham.
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