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[08.09.04] Summer'04: random trip shots
[14.08.04] Bucharest: early August
[30.07.04] Galati: city views
[06.07.04] Bucharest: some architecture
[28.06.04] Vama Veche: the Black Sea
  [28.06.04] Vama Veche: the village
[25.06.04] Funny cars: part 3
[14.06.04] Bucharest: various shots
[10.06.04] Kiev: Dnepr embankment
[19.05.04] Tver, Russia: a village in the area
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Random photos
My lovely Homeland, the city of Kharkov :: Soldier of fortune, a scary one. The paint-ball session with the NixSolutions crew.
Bucharest: autumn :: In my opinion there is a letter missing.
Crimea: Balaklava, submarine docks :: This is the dock. It's very dark, but it's possible to see something here. To the right there is a walk the personell is used to get around. To the left there is water, the place were a submarine entered, the gate was closed, the water pumped out, and reparations begun.

A lot of constructions of cane strike the eye as soon as you get to Vama Veche.Cane houses and roofs.Beach.Coastline.
Yacht in the sea.People swimming.The shore.Surf.
Amoung tourists there are a lot of nudists and ladies browining topless.
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Life-guard.Way toward the tent camp and stone shore.The shore and big (fishing?) boats.
Clouds.Girls with their butts up.
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Guy with a camera who was shooting everybody around him. I made a picture of him too, if any.Shore and some people.
Foam of the surf.Wild tourism. Actually, mainly rockers, students and other hippies come in Vama Veche. It has a very nice atmosphere.
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A "no camping" plate and a tent under it.Tents and a sunset.
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