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The infamous Nefertiti bust.

The infamous Nefertiti bust.
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15.06.2007 12:11 walter Stähli
please advise how much this image costs to use... we would require the highest possible resolution and it will be featured in an internal corporate document (not advertising).

I'd be grateful if you could come back to me this morning please :o)

28.05.2008 00:29 Catherine Lindsay
I am trying to sculpt this and need a back view

23.03.2010 17:44 Nicholas Blackmore
There is something strange about this bust. I am a woodcarver. I started carving people's faces and now I sometimes carve animals or insects. It is as if attempting to carve a copy of this image is somehow awaiting me as a step that must be taken. It does not

23.03.2010 17:48 Nicholas Blackmore
oops I lost part of my message, apologies. As a carver it is a sport of spiritual homage to this wonderful work of art. If I looked at my work and thought I had come even remotely close to its beauty I would be very pleased. Best wishes to Catherine Lindsay sculpting this, and I hope that it was a success.

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