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Yours sincerelly.

Yours sincerelly.
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18.06.2007 22:31 Engracia Solis
what part of Poland are you? I was in Poland last year like a student in an interchange between Mexico and Poland and met only Cracov, Warsaw, Cheztojova and Siedlce, because I was living there.

Your country is very nice, i liked the time that I had the opportunity to be there, it was very nice and the people is very kind. I only learned a few words in your languaje but I learn to say: "Ya nie muvie po polsko" or something like "I don't speak Polish"

If you want you can write me by email.

Bets regards,

konst: Hi there. I am not actually in Poland. I am in Berlin, Germany. I only was there for a ski vacation in winter'2006 :)

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