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The railway station.

The railway station.
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04.05.2006 06:18 Todd Brown
Hello Konstantin,

Just thought I would write and say hi. I\'ve been enjoying looking at your pictures and reading some of your diary notes from time to time. I live in the USA (Saint Louis, Missouri and San Francisco, California). I travel to Budapest and Berlin frequently. I found your web-site after I returned from Budapest in early February. I have a good friend in Budapest who is from Mateszalka, so I found your site when I did a google search on Mateszalka. It\'s fun seeing through your eyes the passion for travel you have - like I do. It would be great to talk to you someday or have a beer when I come to Berlin. There\'s so much I\'d like to learn from you. My family is from Romania on my mother\'s side - Alba Ilia to be exact. I\'d love to visit Romania. Maybe I could learn Romanian easily. I do speak, besides English, Spanish, French, German, and a little Italian, Portuguese and Hungarian. I\'ve also been very passionate about wanting to visit the Ukraine someday. My dream in particular is to see Lviv. It\'s just so damn hard to get to. I\'ve only been to Moscow and Tlibisi so far in the former Soviet Bloc. I particularly enjoyed your journal about your trip to the San Francisco area earlier this year. True it is very sad that what is suppose to be the richest country in the world has so many characteristics that are worse than a 3rd world country. I laughed about your comments of all the warnings you saw everywhere in America.

I\'m actually writing this while on a business trip in Corning, New York. It is upstate (not near New York City). The way you travel, I think you would like it here. Corning is famous for glass manufacturing and the town has a very historic center with interesting old charm and fun bars, restaurants, etc.

Berlin is one of my favorite places in the world (along with Budapest and Paris), so enjoy yourself there. My best friends in Berlin just moved back to Munich, but they had a great apartment right across from the Hachescher Markt S-Bahn station. My friend\'s wife grew up in East Berlin so whenever I go, her mother lets me stay in their old apartment that is located on Fischerinsel (at the southern tip of Museuminsel), so I love the location. My favorite part of Berlin is Prenzlauerberg. It reminds me of old Chicago, where I used to live.

Take care Konst and good luck learning German!

Best wishes,


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