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Picture #12

Picture #12
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26.10.2015 23:45 jnELWsTtDoaq
Thank you for your efforts in utinizilg our smarter feline friends in this worthy cause. I have always thought that particularly in the dark and low light, cats could ride on the backs of the search dogs and assist in guiding them through the terrain. And, of course, they wouldn't have to get their delicate paws damp. It would also save time due to how they tend to shake each paw individually with each step in the snow. I'm currently working on a seat that would fit on fido's back and hold our feline heroes. Gortex completely covers it and it has a battery warmed fleece blanket inside. My cat, Colonel Flagg, is the current model for this product. If he decides to lay in it for more than 2 minutes, I will let you know.Stay safe,Fran and The Colonel

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