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A guy is giving a banana to the chimpanzee.

A guy is giving a banana to the chimpanzee.
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01.12.2014 16:54 Jenny Desmond
Hi there - my name is Jenny and I do work with great apes around the world, trying to work with zoos and sanctuaries to improve their conditions. Right now we have a great opportunity from a film crew who is interested in doing a story about chimps in Romania and in return could offer to help the zoos or organizations involved through financial assistance such as new or improved enclosures, enrichment workshops and materials, integration training, etc. Is this picture taken at Bucharest Zoo? If so, do you happen to know more about this chimp and any others at this zoo? Or do you know of other chimpanzees in Romania OR put us in contact with anyone who might be able to work with us on finding out more? Thank you in advance for your help! Cheers, Jenny Desmond

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