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Picture #10

Picture #10
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26.10.2015 22:56 EGyeHvFAWNfr
I would like to remove the name and email renqtremeuis to submit -Preferably, after the last question is answered, the person is taken to the relevant page I have two pages, positive and negative.Failing that, remove the name and email renqtremeuis and just have a submit button on the last page.There's 32 files of code wow massive!Please can you tell me which php file and what the relevant code is? The reason I want to remove the name and email requirement is that the two results pages have a contact form and that form verifies that the email address is real, it also very importantly for me, requests a phone number and there is a captcha for added security. i don't want people to have to enter their details twice, plus it must be an option not a requirement.The form is working perfectly, many thanksRob

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