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A German couple.

A German couple.
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18.10.2015 04:32 WBvtTdhU
Here you go again giving me a pirctue that with stick in my head for days. I have a childhood friend coming to visit after 60 years. Our families were inseparable and we were like brother and sister. Because of the internet we have finally touched bases after all of these years. I would love to print out this pirctue to give him when he leaves. My kids are going to be here to meet him as well as my niece and her family. Bud wanted to be here but he is hiking in Maine and the timing did not work out. They will meet when he comes to Asheville when Bud runs his next half marathon. . I would love your permission to put it on a zip drive and print out a cory and put it in a quilted cloth frame I have made. . He is 73, all alone, and had serious MS. It is such a heart breaker. A dentist for 50 years and a university dental school professor-a marathon runner (5 Bostons and 27 in all) and a golfer. Now all he can do is sit and read. It is well advanced and has to have a caregiver living with him. We are going to try to get him stimulated to use his camera. I think would be therapeutic. My email is on my blog if you would write and let me know if it is ok. I hope while he is here I can do a series on the face of MS. My son is a wonderful photographer so we ought to be able to pull it off. One of our other best friends has Parkinsons. It is my goal for the 3 girls and the 3 guys of our little group get together one last time. Thank you for touching my heart tonight, and thank you for your encouraging words. I have been at a point where I thought i was not getting any better with my photography and was a bit discouraged. Your note meant the world. Thanks so much for taking the time to share those thoughts with me. I am such a perfectionist, and I just cannot get the shots to be the way I like them. Know you have been through periods like that, too. Anyway, I adore this post and I will not forget you or it. Simplistic but stunningly beautiful. genie

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