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27 Dec 2001 :: New Year and Christmas holidays can last more if places for their celebration are chosen correctly. Nope, I don't propose to follow the Sun and move through all the time zones starting from the New Zealand. It can be done even easier... [ more.. ]

20 Dec 2003 :: What can I say, my dear TV-listeners and radio-watchers? All the editorial stuff of does fully endorse every word of this truly programmatic document. I even think that this text is worth printing in morning news-papers on the dialy basis... [ more.. ]

31 May 2002 :: I think everyone has already heard about Redhat 7.3 - a new version of the popular Linux distribution. Since ISO images are available for downloading at the vendor's ftp (it cannot be other way), the next day our sysadmin burned 3 CDs for me... [ more.. ]

[ 19th Mar 2002 ] cooler and statistics | leave a comment

What does a cooler have to do with it? - you'll ask. Probably hot Romanian spring sun doesn't make anything good to me? Like climate change or something.. So I need any kind of cooling in quite a bizarre way, with a help of a CPU cooler fan? Nope, my friends, that's all about something else. Cooler is such a periodical online magazine in Russian with its author Alexander Chizhov, who periodically delivers us various news from different areas of science and technology, shares music, books, links, and reviews for programs, hardware, games, life observations, etc.

So, in the latest issue of Cooler from the 12th March a link to yours sincerely's site was published. Looks like Alexander read only my texts, and that's why in the description there was the statement "a little bit of programming".

Actually there used to be two editorials on such a kind in Russian - Cooler and DZ. But the latter more than a year ago was bought by the yandex project, and this hadn't had a good impact on the editorial. Instead of long pages with interesting issues, appeared various forums, news flashes, messages from readers, new authors.. So, in my humble opinion, the editorial's original face was lost. But Cooler remained the same. Keep it up, Alexander, and thank you for paying a bit of attention to my activities!

But that's not all. Mentioning in the Cooler lead to another discovery. The point is that about the new issue I found out from my own web site's statistics. I'm putting a link here so that everybody courious can take a glance at it himself. I'm not that paranoid to protect the statistics with password or hide it. I just don't think someone can use it to make harm to me.

Ok, so whole my life in the majority of projects I aimed at international audience. Documentation, texts for sites, some articles about programming, and other things were usually written in English by me. Often versions in Russian were added. Thus, for example, news for my personal site are first written in Russian and then translated into English. But the centericq documentation which recently looks more like a book with various useful advices and humour, from the very beginning and till now is written in English. I mean there was nothing done exclusively for RuNet. The latter stands for a sector of the Internet containing resources in Russian. So, having come on the 13th March to the office, I took a look at the site referrers statistics. Guess what was there? More than 1000 people came from Cooler's site during the day. So I conclude there is no reason to misjudge RuNet.

In order to avoid further questions, gotta say that I use webalizer for statistics generation. A very nice proggie indeed, and I haven't found anything better so far. The work of this GNU licensed application is based on analyzing apache logs. In theory it can be easily customized to use log files from other web servers. The only feature webalizer lacks is an ability to specify URL masks with regular expressions, but it doesn't interfere me too much.

Since I've already started talking about the site statistics, here is a small overview. Daily is visited by 300-400 people. The majority of them come to download centericq. This fact is proven by the most popular search string "centericq" with a lot of visitors type at search engines to find the site. Also the main referrer is freshmeat. Needs to be mentioned that the amount of direct requests surprises. Direct requests mean cases when visitors get to the site already knowing the URL or by selecting it from their bookmarks. Of course, this amount is smaller than the top referrers section says, because it looks like webalizer counts the total amount of requests for pages and pictures with the "-" string in respective field.

Finally, a couple of links. For those interested in Moldavian language (such a funny mix of Romanian and Russian) it's strongly recommended to take a look at a dictionary here. But if you want some of your colleagues to (pardon) shit in their pants right at their work place, just send them this link.

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