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[22.04.02] spring sketchings
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[04.04.02] irc
[01.04.02] centericq 4.6.9
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[26.03.02] motor 3.2.2
[19.03.02] cooler and statistics
[19.03.02] aim
[12.03.02] the daemons article
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05 Feb 2002 :: Last week was very active in sense of releasing new versions of programs you might had heard about somewhere. centericq 4.5.1 and motor 3.2.0 were released... [ more.. ]

14 Oct 2001 :: Nope, it's not about flowers. "Iris" is a legend or Romanian rock. Frankly speaking, when I heard them for the first time (well, watched a video clip on the "Atomic" channel) I though there was no such a country in the World where they didn't have a local "Iron Maiden"... [ more.. ]

03 Jun 2004 :: The Railway-Station.. [ more.. ]

[ 1st Apr 2002 ] centericq 4.6.9 | 1 comments | leave a comment

The new version of centericq 4.6.9 has seen the world today. Apart from the support for AIM, it adds other useful features such as crypted connections through IrDA, automatic recognition of images, ordering pizza through Internet, mobile devices integration. The latter icludes support for cellular phones, Palm handhelds, trinkets, sun-glasses, condoms, Madagaskar canaries, and Nile crocodiles. It was also ported to the game consoles such as Super Nintendo and Yo-yo, and can now work in the conditions of weightlessness. The most difficult obstacle to implement the latter was to make nicknames in contact list not to spread through whole the screen. For solve the problem the libsuperglue library by the famous hacker April Foolman was used.

For the next version a port to a more progressive OS than Linux is planned. Its documentation says that the OS is the most stable and reliable server system in the world nowdays. Sounds cool. You can take a look at its homepage here.

I'd like also to ask my dear readers to have a bit of attention for quite a time since today. The site won't be updated for long. The point is that the beautiful Microsoft corporation proposed me to write articles for MSDN. My first task is to write a masterpiece named "Writing IM clients for the MSN, AIM, KIM, CHEN, IR, MAO, DZE, DUN networks in C#". I have already started and faced a major problem which doesn't allow me to go further. I'm desperately looking for an mp3 or wav file with the C# note recorded.

Finally, I have found a drink which became a replacement for beer for me since today - Russian tea.

P.S. : I hope you have had a good 1st April day. Though if it wasn't that good, don't get upset. There are only 365 days (or about 8760 hours) left until the moment when you can have another opportunity to laugh a bit comes once again.

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