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[31.03.01] highly recommended song
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18 Jun 2003 :: From all of this crap I only managed to figure out the following thing: the program was crashing because of the skins library we actively used in our products. It's a set of ActiveSkin and SkinBoxer... [ more.. ]

03 Jun 2004 :: Conductor woke me up at 6am when the train was already on the North railway-station of Bucharest. That's how much I overslept after the Chisinau adventures. In 10 minutes I was at home finding out from an e-mail message waiting for me in the inbox that we didn't work that Friday... [ more.. ]

27 Dec 2004 :: The forced upgrade was made the same day when I should had had an ADSL connection installed. I always said that a home without an internet connection is a kennel, so I was a bit in a hurry with it. Provider called T-Online managed to surprize me... [ more.. ]

[ 31st Mar 2001 ] highly recommended song | 1 comments | leave a comment

We've been listening to the "Bloodhound gang" band in the office recently. Specially I liked the "Ballad of Chasey Lain" thing.. And I recommend it to everyone here, the lyrics can be read here. Enjoy :)
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