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22 Apr 2002 :: Yesterday our superia asked me to participate in the metting of new programmers that were expected to come from Lviv to see the conditions and then probably to come next time and join our Romanian office here. They were supposed to make a short one-day trip... [ more.. ]

09 Oct 2002 :: Finally, my dear readers, I got around to updating you with some news. I cannot tell you how many times during these three weeks I thought maybe I should run a text editor and voila! a new note would be ready... [ more.. ]

09 May 2001 :: Now is hosted at the Simple End User Linux project site. Thank you, guys... [ more.. ]

[ 10th Jun 2002 ] digicam | 2 comments | leave a comment

Have you ever had a dream, my dear readers? A modest, not so modest or a very perverse one? I bet you had. To touch silicon of Pamela Anderson, or to earn one millon dollars developing software, without selling heroine or killing someone.. I had a dream too. I'd been wanting a digital photo camera during last three years. The point is that having once tried this product of the modern technology I realized that all of those development, printing and scanning steps were extraneous. Anyway I scanned printed shots. And if it's possible to press a button and to get a result immediately, why be bothered with other stuff? However, everyone knows the situation with electronics of such a kind in Ukraine. When in shops it's only possible to find expensive models for the minimum price of 700$. With my incomes there it was absolutely impossible. It appeared though that in Romania it's the same, as well as in Moldova.

Finally, two days ago I get such a gadget for myself. There was a company which had a good variety of prices. I chose the HP C318, model, the U.S. price of which is about 200$. Here though I had to pay three hundred and something. But did I have a choice? At least it had 2.3Mpix, 1800x1200 and an acceptable price.

Had to play around to get it work in Linux. Finally I had to compile the SCSI and USB storage devices support in the kernel, so now it's just enough to connect the camera and to mount it as an USB hard disk. A tree of directories appears, through which it's possible to navigate and to copy images to the disk.

After there was no problem to fetch the shots from the camera, I got my hands on another thing - publishing images on the site along with comments for them. There are a lot of intresting things in everyday life which are worth noticing. And I'm really upset when I do miss them not having a camera with me. Hope now the situation will change. For example, here in Romania numbers of cars consist of two letters of a region (IS - Iasi, B - Bucharest, etc), two numbers and other three letters. Sometimes it's possible too see very funny combinations, like SUX, TUX, WTF, etc. So, I'm gonna start collecting shots of such stuff. Anyway, I was speaking of another thing. Had to find a useful toolset to put out photographs. It was not convenient anymore to make thumbnails and update HTML code manually. On freshmeat I found an intresting project called The Gallery. It was a set of PHP scripts which made it possible to make a web gallery. All the interface for a user as well as for an administrator was simple. Photographs were uploaded through web, and all the transformations were made "on fly". There was no need to make something by half on the site of the server. Also, it's easy to install. BTW, the photos section had turned into a real gallery powered by the tool.

Though, I wish it had been that easy. Since my site is bi-lingual (at least for now; there can be also a version in Romanian if it will go well with publications in Romanian computer press), I needed the header with the menus and stuff to be shown in a language which a user had chosen browsing pages. Having thinked a little bit, I found a recipe which I'll share with you now.

Everything's done with a single global variable. It's called lang in my code. For entering into gallery the "entry point" script language.php is used (see below). Since it resides in the gallery/ directory, redirection refers to index.php in the same place.



$HTTP_SESSION_VARS["lang"] = $l;
header("Location: index.php");


The gallery link now will look like this: /gallery/language.php?l=.

Once it's done, we have a possibility to use the lang variable in the header and footer templates. For example, to include files with site elements in different languages. Here's how I did that:


    $GLOBALS["lang"] = "eng";


As to multi-lingual comments and captions for albums and pictures, the software author answered the following: This would be very challenging in G1. We *may* do this in G2, but it's been a subject of much debate on the -devel mailing list. Read the archives and get involved in the discussion there. Really, it's quite a difficult task to implement such a feature within an easy to use user interface. So it needs to be projected well before. However, for now the gallery suits me perfectly. BTW, about its author. From the project's site there is a link to his homepage. Worth taking a look ;)

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