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30 Jun 2001 :: The new version of the software has been released today... [ more.. ]

16 Jul 2003 :: Next, there is a popular news-paper in Romania, called "Libertatea" (Liberty), quite a "yellow" one, but popular mainly due to this very feature. I don't read it here, but its reprints at sometimes make me feel amused. Good they're published only in the site's "yellow" section... [ more.. ]

20 Oct 2001 :: In biology there is a "mimicry" term which means a living creature's ability to pretent to be something or someone else. I also do this even against my own will... [ more.. ]

[ 14th Jun 2002 ] Nightwish and not only them | leave a comment

Finally I got the latest creation of "Nightwish" - one of my favourite rock-bands. The album was called "Century Child". Before one of my colleagues downloaded it via audiogalaxy, I could only look at the announcement at their site and eyeing hunglily. I like all of their works. At home I have all the albums on audio-CDs. Among other bands "Nightwish" differs with its not really new, but still nice combination of high female vocals and heavy music, with distant from the real life lyrics. Deep emotions can be heard in the majority of their songs. The topics they use are usually fantasy and mystics. Frankly speaking, I'm impressed by the "Beauty And The Beast" and "Tutankhamen" tracks from the "Angels Fall First" (1997) album. In both of them the love between unreal creatures and usual humans is told about. For example in "Tutankhamen" a lady asked the Pharaon to sacrifice her to take her with him to the Other world through the Star gate. Who in this world can have such a devotion?

As to the "Century Child", after listening to it two thoughts came to my head. First was that the guys were experimenting. Just listen to the second track, which is recorded in a typical death-black style. If I heard the song outside the album, I would never say that "Nightwish" made it. And I like such moves, because playing quite a light music (in comparison with back), they popularize the heavy genres with such a variations. After such a "cultural shock" the track three followed, which I would ascribe to "Stratovarius", rather than to them. It was just speed-metal. Other things on the album, except one more track (see below), were made in their own style, and sounded just great.

The second thought was that the bad moved in its only possible way. I know, it sounds fatalistic and stereotypical, but I really cannot see anything weird about it. Because if you think about such tendentions in the general scope, other bands develop absolutely the same way. Read below about "Manowar", for example. So, the thought comes to mind when the listening of the album comes to the 9th track, which is called.. guess how? "Phantom of Opera". From my first experience with their music, I was very courious when they would make a cover for the famous opera. Of course, they didn't re-made the entrire opera, but the main song was finally played. I listened to the original version and to the cover by "Nightwish". The latter is a bit heavier but it's not the point. I got impressed by the Phantom's voice. If in the original it sounded just like a youngster, here we have a real mystic creature, which came from the Underworld to us. The words "It's me they hear" just can make you chill.

Listening the disk now when I write this note, I cannot help recommending it. Even thought it's the 5th CD released by them. The band becomes more and more popular, and already have said a lot, but they obviously didn't exaust all of their ideas. Myself personally will listen it until holes appear on the place on the hard disk where the mp3s are :)

However, not only the latest "Nightwish" came to the hands of yours sincerelly these days. I bought two new disks more, both were made this year, by "Manowar" and "Running Wild" respectively.

The first one smells propaganda, it's difficult not to notice. It's just enough to take a look at the cover. A muscled hairy guy holds the American flag in one hand, and in the other he has a sword, which runs through the chests of two dark-skinned guys. Arabs, presumably. I was really surprised by the fact Saddam Husein wasn't drawn like one of them. Behind the glourious guy others made a tail. They were not that mighty, but had flags too, in the following sequence: Germany, Brazil, Italy, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Finland. There were no swords in their hands, so they were going to pierce the two or another unfortunates with the flags. On the top there was the name of the album, "Warriors of the World". It's not necessary to be George Bush to understand that it was all about the American war on terrorism. But still, I have no intention to condemn the live legends. They're Americans, it's their "hot" point, and it's their right to share the position of their political elite, and even to devote their music to it.

Almost all the lyrics from the album are on the same topic. Here is a quote from the "Fight For Freedom" song.

Where the eagles fly - I will soon be there
If you want to - come along with me my friend
Say the words and you'll be free
From the mountains to the sea
We'll fight for freedom again

Music, as usual, is very energetic and nice. The guys are being theirselves, and I'm glad to know it. Frankly, I was listening to the disk whole the Saturday last week-end.

The new CD by "Running Wild" is called "The Brotherhood". Beside the guitars that make you think they just explode there (it sounds cool), I liked the track called "Siberian Winter" very much. In general, I like various interpretations on the topic of Russia, Russians, Russian culture and history. First of all because I've got quite a direct relation to all of this, even though I've never lived in Russia. So, the track is really intresting. After some kind of a heavy guitars some national themes a-la "balalaika" start, and then like a men chorus sings.

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