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[11.08.02] Marea Neagra
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[16.07.02] heavy stuff
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[13.06.02] a trip to Lacu Rosu
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12 Mar 2002 :: Being a real maniac programmer I wrote CGIs for the site's news system in C++. Sure, not the best way to accomplish such a task with, and I would prefer perl. But unfortunatelly, the latter lacks such a great instrument like the parser library written by one of my ex-colleagues at NIX Solutions... [ more.. ]

31 Mar 2001 :: We've been listening to the "Bloodhound gang" band in the office recently. Specially I liked the "Ballad of Chasey Lain" thing.. And I recommend it to everyone here, the lyrics can be read here. Enjoy :).. [ more.. ]

10 Jul 2001 :: Needed to scan some papers today, and took several photos along. So now in the "photos" section. you will find two photos from my birthday, one from my trip to Israel this winter and the recent passport photo. But remember, not everybody is born to be a photo-model :) ).. [ more.. ]

[ 16th Jul 2002 ] heavy stuff | 1 comments | leave a comment

As a proof of the effectivity of the digital photography, the photos section of the site was enriched with several new shots. There are some among them from a party here in Iasi, from the recent trip to Chisinau on 29-30th June, and some scanned photos from Bicaz. Obviously the latter is from the pre-digital period ;) Well, I mean that it's now possible to admire achievements of Moldavian capitalism, Carpathian beauty and Romanian beauties as much as you want. Just intresting shots with comments.

Oops, I've just let it out. But yes, it's true that two weeks ago yours sincerelly visited the capital of the Moldavian Republic once again. Cannot do anything about it, for I liked it very much ot visit the city from time to time on week-ends. Also, this time I had a special reason. A great buddy of mine from Chisinau - Mike, was going to leave the place. I mean to leave it forever, because his immigration to Canada was ready by that time. So on the 7th July he flied to Toronto. What is more, is that he had his birthday, which was celebrated great as well. Among the new impressions of Chisinau, there are two major things: the new super-store called "Sun city" (just like in the South Africa) and the botanical garden. I hadn't been to the latter before, but it appeared that a nice place for BBQ was there, and whole Sunday we were cooking it, drinking the finest Moldavian wine. Also we visited a nice sauna which I think was called "the second fitness center", where spend some time steaming and swimming in a 15 meters long pool. Unfortunatelly there was no such places found in Romania so far. Must admin though, it's not the a very popular way to have a good time here. The people more hang out to bars and stuff.

I'd been missing the Russian rock music here so much that I took two absolutely pirate, but good mp3 CDs from Chisinau, with all the albums of "Aria" and "Splean". Wanted to pick "B-2" too, but didn't find it. Neither "B-2" nor "Splean" had never been my favourities, but the fact that they used the Russian language in their songs made me interested. It appeared quite nice to write site notes in the evenings here with such a drug addicted music playing. All of those words about glasses, pills and injections can relax you even without taking all of the stuff in real life :) As to "Aria", I finally got my hands on their recent album called "Chimera". Obviously even the classisc Russian hard rock music couldn't miss the topic of the world-wide terrorism, which resulted into creation of one of the best tracks on the album, with the same name. Recently saw an Arab guy somewhere in a restaurant, he had quite unhealty circles under his eyes. Immediately remembered the words "Heroin in the night, hexogen in the morning" :) Among other tracks I would recommend "Vampire", "You'll be given a sign" and "Burning arrow".

As to the real terrorism, several days ago I found an intresting site called which tells us about the situation in Israel from the points of view different from those popular in the modern mass-media theories about poor Palestinians and fascist Israelis kicking their asses all the time. Must admin after visiting the country on the New Year 2001 yours sincerelly takes the Israel side in the Middle East conflict. Moreover, I had a lot of friends there, including the ex-girlfriend, and I would really wish peace and prosperity for them. As to the site, in my opinion the special attention should be paid the articles about the brainless terrorists. And brainless in its direct meaning - the head of the moron who blown himself up last year near a disco in Tel-Aviv, was pulled off from his body by the blast. Though the site is in Russian, you can see the illustration here if you're interested.

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